The circle of life, the circle of friends, the family circle, the circle.

The course of the seasons. The planetary system ...

Everything runs in circles. Everything sounds.

A stone over a blue surface. A planet over the water?

The earth in space? A pendulum? The passage of time? Or just a stone?

A bucket hangs and loses sand, he turns his circles and draws a spiral on the blue ground.

Animals appear, people come, world emerges, stories begin ...

A meditation on the big questions for 60 spectators, two players, a stone, a bucket of sand, 60 dolls and music.

Premiere: January 26,  2019

HELIOS Theater

Directing | Marko Werner, Michael Lurse

Actors | Marko Werner, Michael Lurse

Music | Jan Leschinski

Composition | Jan Leschinski


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