The circle of life, the circle of friends, the family circle.

Everything is in circles. Small and big as well.

A player makes stones swing, commute and circle around. Her movement invites you to meditate.

Associations of space and a sense of time.

A bucket circles over the blue ground and loses sand.

Living things are added.  People and Animals.  And encounters occur on the piece of land.

World is born, stories begin ...

A meditation on the big questions. A player, stones, a bucket, sand, figures and music.

Premiere: January 26,  2019

HELIOS Theater

Directing | Marko Werner, Michael Lurse

Actors | Marko Werner, Michael Lurse

Music | Jan Leschinski

Composition | Jan Leschinski


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Lose Yourself at the Moment

... sand trickling down to the ground through hands or buckets, rocks swinging in the air - accompanied by the music of Jan Leschinski. "I like this, losing myself at the moment," the mindfulness that emerges during the play, "says Marko Werner, who acted alone. "The piece is about getting involved in processes, observing and associating something with what has been seen," explained Michael Lurse. Instead of the well known „red string“, in this piece it´s only the sensual development that you perceives as action. The circles, which are always there and visible in the play, are the connection to the cycle of life. ...

It was also said that the play helps to see things again like a child.

Westfälischer Anzeiger, 28. 01.19

  1.   Theater NORDKRAFT | Denmark

  2. IMAGINALE Festival | Germany

  3. Festival Premieres Rencontres | France (deleyed)

  4. KuckKuck Festival Munich | Germany (deleyed)

  5. Theatre Pur Pur Zürich | Switzerland

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