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  2. Bologna | Italy

  3. hellwach Festival 2018 | Germany

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How humans encounter each other


Unexpected video projections, rhythmical texts, and movements repeating like a ritual: with "Face to Face", both children and adults embark on a philosophically-lighthearted journey to explore fundamental questions of human encounters.

While many an adult sat there with a quizzical expression on their face, children approached the whole thing with an open mind and watched enthralled as the action unfolded on a rather sparsely furnished stage. How a synchronised lockstep morphs into a slight delay, a pause, a hesitation, and a question to be scrutinised. …

"Face to Face" is a collaboration with Alexandra Dementieva, a visual artist living in Brussels and New York, who was involved in the Helios production "Behind the Mirrors" back in 2011. In her video installations, Dementieva has been exploring questions from the field of social psychology for many years. Steffen Moor, too, returns for the second time as playwright: after the Rwandan-German co-production "Our House" (2016), he has now penned the text for "Face to Face". In the script, he composed words in a mellifluous manner to create a playful dialogue. …

Fast-paced exchanges

For Michael Lurse and Marko Werner, "Face to Face" is the sixth production where they appear together on stage. The actors are an experienced double act, and they throw themselves lustily into fast-paced verbal exchanges and precisely synchronised choreographies. The intensity and authenticity of their performance is a thing to be admired and marvelled at. Director Barbara Kölling has brought together different art forms to create a dense and multi-layered theatre production about mutual perception and human encounters. …

by Sabine Begett, Westfälischer Anzeiger, 25th September 2017

Picture: Marko Werner


Text | Steffen Moor - Production Assistant | Laura  Frölich - Theater Pedagogy |  Vera Grugel, Nina Weber



FACE TO FACE - guest performence

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Me is not a me without a you

You is not a you without me

Then we are two me and two you

Then we are four

Two explore moments of togetherness - look each other, reflect each other. Are they one? Are they two? They come together, go apart. "Where are you!"

The visual artist Alexandra Dementieva (Brussels / New York), collaborated also in 2011 with the HELIOS Theater. For "FACE TO FACE" she has developed an interactive video installation. Connected with playful words about the me and a you by Steffen Moor.

Premiere: 23. September 2017

HELIOS Theater

Directing | Barbara Kölling

Actors | Michael  Lurse, Marko Werner

Visual Artist |  Alexandra Dementieva

Software | Yacine Sebti