Co - Produktion Ishyo Arts Center | Rwanda and HELIOS Theater | Germany

I was born. I. I was. I am. I was born. I wear a crown of thornes. I am born. I was born. I was born in. I was born in a house.

I was born in a room in a house. I was born on the top floor in a small room in a huge house. I was 6. I was 5. I was sweet sixteen. I was everyone. I am no one. I remember everything. I recognize nothing. I was now. I drown. I was crowned.

Two countries, two ensemble. "Our House", a co-production of the Helios Theatre Hamm | Germany and the Ishyo Arts Centre Kigali | Rwanda. On September 17th, 2016 was the successful premiere in Germany.

If I want to meet a person, I'm looking at his home. If his house is no longer there, or will be inhabited by others, I have to go out to look after his footsteps in the minds of people in stories and documents.

Three players from Rwanda and three from Germany have explored in Kigali and Hamm, arise and pass the moments of the home. Under the leadership of directors Carole Karemera (Rwanda) and Barbara Kölling (Germany) a production for people older than 12 years grew, out of personal and historical stories. With a lot of music, close to the contemporary history but no documentary workup. About the house itself questions arise after reminder, home and security.

The Ishyo Arts Centre (IAC) in Kigali | Rwanda

Composition | Roman D. Metzner, Herve Twahirwa - Live-Music | Herve Twahirwa

Dramaturgy | Erpho Bell - Text | Steffen Moor

Production Assistant | Steffen Moor - Theater Pedagogy | Babette Verbunt, Anna-Sophia Zimniak

Premiere: 17. September 2016

Directing | Carole Karemera,

Barbara Kölling

Actors | Elaine Umuhire,

Helena Aljona Kühn,

Marko Werner,

Herve Kimenyi,

Michael Lurse,

Herve Twahirwa

picture: Marko Werner


OUR HOUSE - guest performence


The Ishyo Arts Centre (IAC) in Kigali / Rwanda is a cultural center with key activities in the fields of

literature, music, visual arts and theater for children, adolescents and adults. Founded in 2007 by

a group of eight women, it is the first and only cultural center in the capital Kigali.


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