a German-Polish collaboration

TRACES, a collaborative production, developed together with Teatr Atofri, an independent theatre in Poznan/Poland. Both theatres have been following each other's work for a while now. The HELIOS Theater's guest performance in Poznan (2012) sparked the idea for a larger long-term cooperation.

TRACES, a theme that can be rendered visible and experienceable in concrete terms, as well as in a more broadly defined philosophical sense.

Humans, animals ---------- life leaves traces.

This manifests itself most notably in traces which a living being leaves in moist sand; their path can be traced for a long time, and the size of the footprint tells us something about the age of the individual who had left those traces. We gain information about the traces that have been left. If we were to follow and study those traces in detail, a (hi)story would be slowly coming together.

In view of the history between Poland and Germany, that theme unfolded against very specific backdrop, which manifested itself in different ways in both versions.

The process of joint artistic exploration and orientation took place over a period of 4 weeks with performers of both ensembles on stage – Atofri and HELIOS. The ensembles knew each other, but they had not worked or performed together before. The material developed in this phase belonged to both parties and could be used by each player in the subsequent process.

The ensembles parted company for the final rehearsal stage; then, in February 2014, director Barbara Kölling worked for 2 more weeks with the Polish ensemble in Poznan and then with the German ensemble so that each troupe developed its own production of the same theme by the end of the joint project.

What do we remember, when we look back on our own traces? What kind of orientation offer old traces for future steps? Lines and patterns in the sand, scraps of paper that lead the way, echoes of voices, writing - traces point to movement and change, to presence and absence, arrival and parting. A play with signs and sounds that appear and disappear, alter and complement.

In coproduction with the polish Teatr Atofri two independent plays were created from the jointly developed artistic material, both to be seen at “hellwach”. Information about both products and links can be found HERE.

Premiere: 29. März 2014

HELIOS Theater

Directing | Barbara Kölling

Actors | Marko Werner, Michael Lurse

Composition | Roman D. Metzner

Dramaturgy | Erpho Bell

Theater Pedagogy | Anna-Sophia Zimniak, Babette Verbunt

Production Assistant | Thilo Grawe

picture: David Beecroft


TRACES - guest performance

  1. Festival Hellwach | Deutschland

  2. Poznan | Polen

  3. Bologna | Italien

  4. Reims | Frankreich

  5. Fratz-AugenblickMal Berlin | Deutschland

  6. Münster | Deutschland

  7. Homecourt | Frankreich

  8. Rüsselsheim | Deutschland

  1. Region Hellweg NRW | Deutschland

  2. Kigali | Ruanda

  3. Toronto | Kanada

  4. Edinburgh | Schottland

  5. Baden | Schweiz

  6. Almere | Niederlande

  7. Frankfurt am Main | Deutschland


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November 2019

HELIOS Theater

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