between the chairs

... what´s the reason, that groups of people are radically define themselves from others

that they want to give them a limited place in the world

or no space?

This is my place. This place is occupied. I have occupied this place. I sat down here. This place is mine. This place is my property. He's mine. Now I own four. I just need more space than others.

How does living together? Who defines my identity, my role and my scope of action in the family, in school, in the neighborhood, in social interaction? Can I do that by myself? - Am I allowed to do that? Do I want that? - Or  the other do that for me? Is that a relief, because they can do it better than me? What if they want to hurt me?

With the production "between the chairs", the ensemble turns to young people. In the direction of Barbara Kölling and with texts by Steffen Moor, the performers Marko Werner and Mamadoo Mira talk about themes like freedom, strangeness and equality, invitation and arrival. Through the set design, which consists of many different chairs, these themes are abstracted and available at the same time.

Premiere: September 20th,  2019

HELIOS Theater

Directing | Barbara Kölling

Actors | Marko Werner, Mamadoo Mira

Lyriks | Steffen Moor

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Some may not be where they are - some are not allowed to be where they are.

Some can not be where they want to be.

Some do not want to be where they are.

Some are where they never wanted to be.

Some are just there.

in Germany

February 2020

HELIOS Theater

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in Germany

November 2019

HELIOS Theater

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